The SUMMER ICEBREAKER II is on JULY 14-16, 2017 which will take place in MANALAPAN, NJ in one of the best new facilities in the country.  This event will draw some of the best 17u-15u teams IN THE NATION because there will be great EXPOSURE and stiff COMPETITION.  Don't miss a great opportunity to star off the July Live Period and put your players on the map in front of hundreds of college coaches! (Pending NCAA Certification)

WHEN: July 14-16, 2017

WHO: 17u-15u teams

WHERE: Sportika (Manalapan, NJ) -- 7 Courts under one roof!

WHAT: Organized 4 game guarantee, Pending NCAA Certification

WHY:  Play in a highly organized event in a great venue in front of HUNDREDS of college coaches.

Price:  $625/team

Please be advised that this process is much different than it has been in years past.  Please DO NOT procrastinate when it comes to completing this process.

The NCAA Requires all teams that are participating in NCAA Certified events to be registed on their BBCS System NCAA BBCS System Link.  

You will not be able to create a team roster prior to obtaining your USA Basketball GOLD License. So, you should go to USA Basketball Gold License Application Link and start that application right away. Obtaining your USAB Gold License now will enable you to access the BBCS as soon as your USAB License becomes available.

All Coaches of these teams must obtain a USA Basketball Gold License, this process is a two-part phase. There is a background check & then an extensive video education portion. Please give yourself a minumum of 2-3 hours to complete this, you are able to break it up and complete it in segments if need be USA Basketball Gold License Application Link


Once a coach in your program has received a USAB Gold License, then you may move on to starting the NCAA BBCS Team Registration Process. In order to complete this they have prepared a system users manual that is available at the following link. NCAA BBCS ECAG Manual Link

More Information can also be found at NCAA Basketball Certification


SPORTIKA - 7 Courts
150 Woodward Road
Manalapan, NJ 07726

Media Inquiries must be submitted to or by July 5th...

The first coach from each school is required to purchase a packet, unless they are only there for one game.  In that case, they have to pay the Coaches Game Pass fee.

You have questions? We have answers...Call 732-945-3588