June 16, 2017

By: Julius Kim


2019 wing Scottie Lewis is undoubtedly one of the most athletic and exciting players in his class. As June 15th is the day that upcoming juniors can receive texts and phone calls from college coaches, the 6-foot-5 Lewis spoke on programs that have reached out to him and the possibility of teaming up with Bryan Antoine at the next level.


Numerous of schools contacted the five-star prospect to let him know that they are making him a priority.


“The first to contact me was St. John’s,” said Lewis. “The first phone call was Darris Nichols from Florida. Then after that was Louisville (Coach Jordan [Fair]), Villanova, Mike White from Florida, Duke (Coach [Jon] Scheyer), UConn, and a few others.”


As Florida is making a strong impression at Lewis, he spoke on the relationship with their staff and the program.


“I think they’re very interested in me; they definitely show a lot of love. They’re always in contact with Coach Brian (Klatsky) and coach Brian always relays the messages to me so I’m always hearing about them and I definitely have a good relationship with their entire staff, I know all of the coaches, I know all of the managers, and (Chris) Chiozza and (Devin) Robinson so it’s a good relationship there.”


St. John’s reached out to Lewis first and he briefly spoke about what they had to say.

“They texted me,” said Lewis. “They said they can put me in position for me to make it to the next level and basically bring back what St. John’s use to be.”


Another school that is in the mix is the Wildcats of Villanova as Kyle Neptune reached out.


“They said just to continue it. They’ve been on winning streaks for the last three years now and they want to bring me into the teams success and leave a legacy of my own.”


A potential package deal of Bryan Antoine and Scottie Lewis is something that has always been in the works as Lewis gave his thoughts on the concept.


“Of course,” Lewis stated when asked about the package deal. “That’s definitely something me and Bryan always talk about all the time; that’s my brother and he’s more than a teammate to me. We’re together 24/7 all the time and if you don’t catch us together, we’re looking for each other. Our chemistry on and off the court is crazy. We’re two different players; I’m the athletic guy and Bryan is the natural scorer and we complement each other so well and that’s definitely something we would want to do at the next level.”