July 14, 2017

By: Julius Kim


Spartanburg, SC – Class of 2018 forward Reggie Perry had a solid morning outing at the Adidas Uprising against Indiana Elite. The 6-foot-9 Georgia native showed his ability to put the ball on the floor, rebound on both ends, and his aggressiveness inside. The five-star product spoke about his recent decision to decommit from Arkansas and the latest surrounding his recruitment.

“Really, I just wanted to be closer to home,” he said. “It’s always family first so that’s why I decided to back off a little bit and reconsider,” he added.


He quickly touched on how the recruiting process will be different this time around.


“I’m just going to think things through more thoroughly; it’s a little tougher; it’s a lot of pressure but really it’s just the same,” he stated. “I’m just going back to the drawing board; square one,” added Perry.


The Kansas Jayhawks were one of the first programs to reach out to Perry since his decision. He briefly spoke about what their message has been to him.


“They were just like I fit well in their system and they told me about all of the one and dones they had and asked me if I wanted to be a one and done and I said of course and they said they were going to come out and see me.”


The Arkansas Hawks prospect shared his thoughts on Florida State as the Seminoles also reached out to him as well.


“I really like their facilities, the coaching staff, great players would be around me if I went there.”