February 12, 2018

By: Julius Kim


Class of 2019 product Paul Mulcahy of Gill St. Bernard’s had a solid performance this past weekend at the PrimeTime Shootout as he recorded 15 points and got the win over Newark East Side with a final score of 63-55. He displayed his ability to use his overall size by posting up, which allowed openings for his teammates.


“I think I did a good job in the first half controlling the game and I kinda played how I wanted to,” said Mulcahy. “We had some mismatches like with their bigs and their guards were small so I got to play inside and outside.”


“I think as a team we played really well but yeah I’m happy with that win.”


Jumping to recruiting, Mulcahy recently added three offers and he broke down his thoughts on each program and what sticks out to him.


Northwestern: “Coach (Chris) Collins from Northwestern played at Duke and he’s like a 6’2”— 6’3” guard. I mean they made the tournament last year so they have some good things going on and it sells itself with the education.”


Marquette: “Coach Steve Wojo is another Duke guard and he’s just saying how they play through their guards a lot and one guy went for 50 (Markus Howard). When (If) I get there I think a lot of them will be seniors or juniors so I think they’re relying heavily on the 2019 class.”


Xavier: “Coach (Chris) Mack is a really good guy and that’s like historically known. I think they’re a lot better than what people know of him just because they’re consistent. I talk to him a lot and they’re doing a good job.”


When it comes to visits, Mulcahy is focusing on the season but when it ends, he stated that some programs want him to come visit.