October, 14, 2017

By: Julius Kim



St. John’s Red Storm Tip-Off was held at Carnesecca Arena last night as class of 2020 guard Noah Farrakhan of IMG Academy and Team Rio took his second unofficial visit to Queens, NY. The New Jersey native spoke about his new school, gave early thoughts on his recruiting process, and what he wants to improve on in terms of his overall game.


Let’s start off with a basic question… how has your day been so far?

It’s been good and I like the experience. I got a chance to see my favorite rapper, Dave East. I met some of the players I haven’t met before. Shamorie (Ponds), I got to kick it up with him and I mean, overall, it’s a great day.


How’s the visit been?

Its’ been pretty good. The coaches are very caring about their kids and it seems like they really care for their core group. It’s a great experience and everything seems pretty well put together, well organized, and structured and that’s what I like.


With you transferring to IMG, how have things been?

I had a rough week the first week because I had to adjust to it but overall it’s a great experience because it gets you ready for college. It’s just like college… you got workouts in the morning, practice, then you go to class in the afternoon. They get your body ready and they get you mentally prepared on what’s happening on a high division-one college level.


What do you think the coaches are working with you the most in terms of your game?

Learning how to just get everybody involved more. Becoming a better point guard, facilitating more and not just always on Noah’s time… it’s been good.


For the people that haven’t watched you play, how would you best describe your game?

I’m fast, quick, patient, can get to the lane… sort of like (Russell) Westbrook. That’s who I idolize my game after, Westbrook.


I know it’s early in the process, but who do you feel like how shown the most attention to you school wise?

Rutgers, Seton Hall, Florida, St. John’s, and Minnesota.


What do you like about St. John’s?

They’re straight forward. They tell you, you come here you gotta work… just like any other school. You gotta work hard, earn your spot, and they have all the tools just like every other college has so they’ve been pretty much straight on forward… no gimmicks.


How about Florida?

The Gators pretty much hit up my dad every day. Every school offers you the same thing, but you just gotta know who to trust and they’ve been pretty straight on forward too. I like Florida because I like the weather; it’s pretty different from (New) Jersey. I don’t gotta worry about winter. But yeah, I like the culture, coaching staff, players, so it’s pretty cool.



I haven’t talk to them much but when I did talk to them, they pretty much said the same thing. Work hard, keep doing what your doing, work on your game day in and day out, and you’re gonna be a star one day.


Seton Hall?

Seton Hall… that’s one of my… I love Seton Hall. I love Shaheen Holloway… he’s kind of a mentor of mine so it’s one of my favorite schools right now.



How much does academics matter to you?

Academics is a must. If academics aren’t strong, then there’s no basketball and I know St. John’s has a pretty high scale academic program.


Anywhere else you want to see?

I want to check out every campus and every opportunity I can get just to get a feel for everything. Can’t put my peas in one pot so just enjoying the process, enjoying the opportunity.