June 23, 2017

By: Julius Kim


2018 Team CP3 guard John Newman committed to Brad Brownell and Clemson on Friday, he told Elevate Hoops.


“I’m going to Clemson,” said Newman about his decision. “I have a great relationship with their coaching staff and it’s developed over the past year or so and I’ve gotten close with coach (Mike) Winiecki and coach (Dick) Bender and everyone on the staff really. I knew coach Bender when he was at College of Charleston and we were close and I just kept it really cordial and I think he always knew when he was at College of Charleston that he couldn’t get me at that level but I always kept it cordial and once he got the job at Clemson, I think he knew that I was a person he wanted to have on his squad.”


As the 6-foot-5 Newman just came back from visiting Clemson three days ago, he spoke about what he liked about their campus and what he would like to major in once he arrives.


“The campus is really nice,” Newman stated. “It’s not a lot to do outside of campus but on campus there’s a lot to do. The facilities are great and the people are really genuine so that played a big role in my decision,” explained Newman. “I want to major in business and minor in communications,” said Newman about his major. “I feel like money runs the world so I feel like if I can find out how money works and how to use my money correctly; manage it, I want to start my own company one day. I feel like I can do something good in my life; accomplish a lot of great things and have a lot of fun,” added Newman. “With my minor, it’s going to show me how to communicate with people; talk to people and I’m already pretty good at Spanish so I can just build from that.”


Coached by Hall of Famer Freddy Johnson of Greensboro Day School, Newman speaks on what he feels like he can bring to the Tigers.


“Right now I feel like they don’t have a defensive stopper and I think I can bring a defensive edge and just a dog mentality; somebody who’s going to get after it on both ends and on the offensive side, I think I gel with the guys.”