June 7, 2017

By: Julius Kim


Four-star guard Dwayne Cohill of Ohio Basketball Club (OBC)/Holy Name (OH) has cut his list down to ten schools, he informed Elevate Hoops.


The ten schools are: Vanderbilt, Texas, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Dayton, Clemson, Ohio State, Penn State, West Virginia, and UNLV.


Cohill went in-depth about each school and explained what stuck out about them.


Vanderbilt: “Coach (Jake) Diebler and I have a great relationship along with a few other coaches who I have communicated with and I’m big on relationships. Also, I mean, they play in the SEC, which is one of the best conferences. Vandy has a nice campus and it’s compact but by far one of the best campuses I’ve seen.”


Texas: “They’ve been saying that they need a lead guard who is tough and can lead a team. I have a big relationship with them.”


Pittsburgh: “I can go in and play right away. I have a great relationship with the players and the people. While I was there, the campus was nice and it’s different than a lot of schools that are in the city. But, it’s very beautiful and a nice size for a school in that kind of area.”


VA Tech: “Great relationship with the coaching staff. I had a great feel with the players and the people while I was there. It’s a nice college town and everyone loves VA Tech basketball and that’s what everyone on campus was saying.”


Dayton: “My relationship with the staff is second to none and we talk at least four times a week. Coach (Anthony) Grant has NBA experience and that’s something that’s intriguing.”


Clemson: “They play in the best basketball league. The staff and I have a great relationship and we talk a lot. They need a guard in 2018 to come in and be able to play right away.”


Ohio State: “The staff is great people on and off the court. They all want to see their guys not only do well on the court but in life and that’s something I’m looking for. Also, I mean, it’s my home state team and I was brought up on Ohio State basketball and football so it’s ingrained in me a little bit. I’ve had a great relationship with the staff since they were at Butler and now carrying over to OSU.”


Penn State: “They’ve been recruiting me since I was a freshman and I have a great relationship with everyone there. Also, I have the chance to go in and play right away. Everything is close and right around me and the people there all seem to have a true genuine love for each other and that’s something intriguing.”


West Virginia: “I have a good relationship with the coaches and they’ve been on me for a long time and I would like to be able to go in and be an impact player right away. The campus is just beautiful and it doesn’t really feel like a college town because so much is spread around.”


UNLV: “I have a great relationship with the entire staff and players. I have the opportunity to go in and play right away and make an impact. The campus is beautiful and it’s in Vegas and has everything you need right in a nice little area.”


When asked about a decision timeline the Ohio native stated, “I’m not a 100% sure yet.” He also does not have any official visits planned.