June 17, 2017

By: Julius Kim


Exciting and athletic wing Cassius Stanley had a solid performance on the final day here at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. He shortly discussed what it meant to him to be invited to a prestigious camp, developing as a player, latest with his recruitment, and his thoughts on the Big Baller Brand.


He reflected and gave his thoughts on what it he has learned from being at this camp.


“It’s been a great experience and it’s a great honor to be invited to this camp,” said Stanley. “It’s just been a great week going up and down against great competition. I’ve just learned the little things on how to be a pro like the work ethic and stuff like that,” he added.


As every player’s goal is to get better everyday, the five-star product says he wants to improve his overall shooting. He also spoke about his strengths and what he can bring onto the floor.


“My consistently on my perimeter jump shot and getting to spots efficiently on the floor. I’m unselfish; I like to get my teammates going, I’m pretty consistent on the three-point shot, and I’m explosive.”


Obviously, two days ago, college coaches were allowed to start contacting rising juniors. He listed programs that reached out to him.


“Since June 15th, I’ve talked to USC, UCLA, UNLV, Texas, Kansas (they offered), Cal, and those are the schools I’ve talked to.


As the Jayhawks extended an offer about two days ago, he spoke on the relationship with their staff and the program.


“I’ve talked to coach (Kurtis) Townsend a numerous amount of times and they’re a prestigious program and they’re with the tops with the Kentucky’s and Duke’s and it’s just a great honor to be offered by them.”


Being from California, the native gave his input on the overall Big Baller Brand.


“I’m a big fan,” Stanley quickly said. “LaMelo (Ball) and I are good friends. I think that they the way they are approaching it and with the dad (LaVar Ball) being outspoken some kids now may think it’s a joke but I think that some kids will eventually say ‘hey I think I want to make my own shoe.’ I think it’s a great idea and I wish them nothing but the best. I like the ZO2s and I think Lonzo (Ball) is going to be great.”