September 19, 2017

By: Julius Kim



Five-star prospect Armando Bacot has proved to be one of the top big men in the 2019 class. The Trinity Episcopal and Team Loaded (VA) junior had an excellent outing at the NBA Top 100 camp in June as he displayed his post skills and touch around the basket. Bacot also shined later in the summer as Team Loaded (VA) went to Vegas and won the Adidas Summer Championship. We discussed his overall game, what he is currently working on, and the latest with his recruitment.


For some people that haven’t watched you play, how would you best describe it?

I’d say just a 6-foot-10 power forward that can score with his back to the basket, block shots, gets teammates involved, and also can knock down the three.


What have you been working on as of late in terms of your game?

Basically I just been working on getting stronger and just basically been attacking my body. I know in order to play at the next level I need to get stronger. I feel like right now my skills are the more stronger part of my game so just making a transition and making my body stronger is what I’m trying to do right now.


 I know coach (Sonny) Ward works with you on your game. What have you guys gone over and what advice has he given you?

Well as far as skill wise, me and coach Ward do a bunch of different things. We mainly work on just facing up moves and stuff like that but as far as my strength, I’ve been working on with Ben Wallace. Just trying to get in there (gym) everyday of the week and just been lifting and just going hard. I’ve been seeing a difference in my body since I’ve been working out with him.


Since you’ve been working out with Ben Wallace, what advice has he told you?

Advice wise, just staying level headed. You know him, his story, he was a unknown type of guy so just staying level headed and hard work is going to beat talent.


Just a range of three to five schools, who do you feel like is coming after you the hardest?

Duke, Oklahoma State, Louisville, VCU, UNC, and Virginia Tech


Can we just run through the programs really quickly starting with Duke?

Duke really thinks I can be a good player and they see the potential in me and they think I’m skilled enough to play in their system and be successful. Honestly, coach (Jon) Scheyer, out of all the coaches, probably texts me the most everyday. When he came in to check up on me, he told me things I needed to work on so I felt like that was a big one


You took a visit there last year… how was that? Obviously a great academic school as well

Duke, I mean, it’s a traditional school. One of the greatest basketball schools with arguably the greatest coach of all time so I mean it’s a school I definitely keep an eye on



Coach (David) Kontaxis and coach (Mike) Boynton. Coach Kontaxis have kept it real with me since the jump. He was one of the first schools to offer me and he also has a relationship with Team Loaded. Their plan for me is just great and they think that I have the potential be a one-and-done so it’s a good school I’m looking into


Louisville is next

Coach (Kenny) Johnson and Coach Rick Pitino. Coach Johnson, when I used to play for Team Takeover, he had a relationship with Takeover. Coach Johnson being from the Virginia area, he’s a cool guy and I feel like Louisville has a good plan for me too.



Coach (J.D.) Byers and Coach (Mike) Rhoades. It’s a hometown school and the fans love me. It would just cool and I know like if I went there the city would go crazy and it would be a big thing for the city.



Coach Roy (Williams) and Coach Hubert (Davis). Coach Hubert Davis, I mean, I love the way he treats me and you can tell he really likes me besides just basketball. He always checks up on me to make sure I’m doing good.


How did the UNC visit go?

It was good. They got their ring so it was good. It was kinda cool getting to see the inside stuff of them getting new pair of shoes and stuff like that.


The Hokies are last

Their whole staff came to see me twice and I know I’m a high priority for them. Coach (Christian) Webster and Coach (Buzz) Williams they really like me. Coach Webster was the first coach to offer me a scholarship so I know he really believes in me and I know if I were to go there, he would look out for me.


Any visits lined up?

I’m going to Villanova on the 30th (September), I’m trying to get to LSU (no date set), Duke for Countdown to Craziness, and Providence on the first week of October.