May 29, 2017

By: Julius Kim


Class of 2018 guard Andrew Funk of the Jersey Shore Warriors shined at the Memorial Day Hoop Fest hosted by Elevate Hoops. Standing at 6-foot-4, Funk was aggressive when attacking and made multiple contested and open shots. He wants to limit his turnovers to take his game to the next level.


“Individually, I think I played pretty well,” he stated. “I was making a lot of shots but there’s a couple of turnovers that I want to take out of my game but as a team I think we played pretty well. We shared the ball and we were making shots so I think we’re playing great as a team.”


As he wants to elevate his game even further, he spoke about what he is currently working on to expand his game.


“I’m currently working on my ball-handling and my play making ability,” said Funk. “During my high school season, I play mostly off the ball cause they depended on me to score and shoot the ball so just handling the ball and playing more on ball.”


Jumping to recruiting, he broke down four programs that are sticking out to him.


“I’d say Drexel, Army, Bucknell, and Lafayette are coming after me the hardest,” said Funk.


Before his older brother Tommy Funk committed to Army, Drexel recruited him. Now, they are making his younger brother a priority.


“I talk to Coach (Zach) Spiker a lot and I’ve known him for a couple of years now and they actually offered me a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been up to campus and we talk a lot.”


Andrew quickly gave his thoughts on his brother being at Army.


“He’s had a different experience being at Army but I think it just never stops. At the next level, everyone is bigger, faster, and stronger so you can’t stop working.”


Funk thinks highly of Bucknell and their program as they made the tournament this year.


“I’ve talked to Coach (Joe) Meehan a lot. They have a great program and obviously they make it to the tournament this year and they’ve had a lot of success there the past couple of years. They have a beautiful school and academics there as well.


Lafayette was the first school to offer the shooter.


“They were actually the first school to offer me. Coach Pat (Doherty) and I have a great relationship and since they were the first to offer me it means a lot to me.”