January 22, 2018

By: Julius Kim 


It was another day in the office for elite athletic 2019 big man Aidan Igiehon as he recorded 15 points, grabbed 17 rebounds, and rejected 6 shots against University Prep. The 6-foot-10 and high academic prospect spoke about how his junior year is going so far and gave the latest on his recruitment.


“Junior year is going pretty well… just trying to focus on the little things and trying to get better,” he said.


“So the little things… just talking on D (defense), my boxing out and when you’re so athletic, and sometimes you forget. You might not get punished now but on the bigger circuit… just things like that,” he continued.


St. John’s head coach Chris Mullin and assistant Matt Abdelmassih were spotted to see Igiehon as well as Xavier’s assistant Luke Murray. The Irish native mentioned that almost every program in the country is recruiting him and spoke about his overall status in his recruitment.


“Recruiting wise right now is hot,” he said. “Pretty much almost every college in the country still inviting me up.”


He went on to list some schools that he’s hearing from the most.


“Virginia, Stanford, Oregon, Georgetown, St. John’s, Gonzaga… everybody’s pretty much going hard on me.”


As stated, Xavier was in attendance for Igiehon. He broke down what their message has been to him.


“They just been saying that I’m at the top of the list. They pretty much text me every day. Me and Coach (Chris) Mack and Me and Luke (Murray)… so yeah we’re building a relationship.”

The Johnnies have been recruiting Igiehon since he was in the 9th grade. He spoke on what they had to offer.


“St. John’s… they’ve been there since my ninth grade. I’m always on campus and I’m always at games so me and Chris Mullin and me and Matt (Abdelmassih)… we’re always talking back and fourth at least two or three times a week.”


Virginia is a program that he has mentioned a couple of times. He gave his input on what the Cavaliers are saying to him.


“Virginia… they’ve been at my school a lot. The head coach Tony Bennett and the assistant Ron Sanchez… me and coach (Tony) Bennett speak at length almost like everyday. So our relationship is pretty good.


Since Igiehon is a very high academic athlete, it is no surprise that he mentioned Stanford.


“Stanford is a big one…. Yeah-high academic… they talk to me more than just basketball… the value area and what you can do and stuff like that so it’s always a good thing to look at.”


He stated that Oregon is a programs that’s coming after him the hardest.


“Oregon is probably one the schools that’s recruiting me the hardest. So they’re making a push and I’ve been in touch with the two assistant coaches and the head coach too.”