May 9, 2017

By: Julius Kim


6’9” Vernon Carey participated in the 2016 USA Men’s Junior National Team back in October and accepted an the invite to participate in the 2017 USA Basketball Men’s (U16) National training camp as well. The 2019 forward also won Peach Jam (15U) with Nike Team Florida last summer. As his father played football for the Miami Hurricanes and eventually moving to the NFL, Elevate Hoops caught up with the five-star prospect as he spoke about his father’s advice, this past high school season, the latest with his recruitment, and improving as a player.



For casual fans that don’t know much about your game, how would you describe it?


I’m an inside-out guy. I start in the post and then as the game gets going, I’ll probably go outside more so I can fill out because I feel good inside.


Is there anything you’re focusing on right now when it comes to working on your game?


I’m working on my dribbling and defense pretty much and being a leader and being more vocal on the court.


During this past high school season, what are some of the things you have learned as a player?


We lost in the regional semis so I should have been more aggressive because I felt like I was being too passive so probably one thing I regret is being too passive.


With having Balsa (Koprivica) as a teammate, how has that been like for you? Did you guys click instantly or did it take some time?


Probably around the ninth grade season we got the chemistry right. It took some time to click but we got it going now.


Obviously, it is early in the recruiting process. Right now, who do you feel like is making you a priority?


I’d say Miami just because they are close to home. I’d say probably next month more schools and coaches will be calling me. Miami’s been telling me just to come in and be one of the go-to types of guys and hopefully lead them to a championship.


So with your father having gone to Miami and eventually the NFL, what kind of advice has he given you as an athlete in general?


Yeah, just to pretty much work hard every day really and just to make the best decisions.


Have you taken any visits to any campuses or would you like to go any campus in specific?


Probably after USA (Basketball), I’ll visit some colleges. Whoever calls me to come visit, I’ll probably go see.


Who is somebody in the NBA you try to learn from or compare yourself to?


I like watching KD and LaMarcus Aldridge. I try to take KD’s off the dribble moves and LaMarcus’ post up moves.